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from pennsylvania, maine was once part of massachusetts, west virginia and kentucky were once part of virginia, and tennessee was a break away from north carolina. and, of course, much of the south seceded and called itself a separate country until it was defeated in the civil war. secessionist by tradition it is almost like thanksgiving, thanksgiving stays and secession comes and goes. >> douglas brinkley is a professor of history at rice university in houston, and a cbs news contributor. he says the founding fathers made sure rural america was listened to starting with the way we choose a president. >> that is why we have electorial college system that we don't forget rural people, but that system of having two senators from every state regardless of population is a gesture, a big one, to rural populations that they are being listened to. >> reporter: listened to or not, these modern day movements are popping up from maryland to the upper peninsula of michigan to northern colorado. >> no way, colorado we are here to stay. >> reporter: in northern colorado this tuesday, voters in
romney who had to run away from his record in massachusetts. >> o'donnell: do you think governor christie can attract conservatives in a primary? >> i think he can attract conservestive in a primary he proved it in his own state. he got 94% of self i'd tied. >> these are in new jersey. >> this is in new jersey, correct. >> o'donnell: but not in iowa or south carolina. >> if anyone looks at the chris christie performance tuesday doesn't think that it's absolute slam dunk as model for future of the republican party they need to have their head examined. the truth is i spent a lot of time in iowa and new hampshire. seen a lot of you along the way. but the reality is that governor christie has got a proven record now appealing to both the center and conservative part of the republican party. if he's got great opportunity in the context of leading the rga which currently is the largest political committee in american poll six, 40-plus million dollars, can raise another hundred million. that's an important post that will help him focus on the -- haley barber rule, electing more governors nex
three-4 weeks? it took us four years for us to get our web site right in massachusetts. >> it has not broken the budget. more businesses offer insurance to their employees than ever before. >> reporter: for people who sign up for a plan through healthcare.gov or covercal cal as it is known here it effects effects on march 31st. >> covercalifornia has a web site separate from the federal site healthcare.gov. the california site has a number to call if you have questions and you can find the information on our web site kpix.com and click on links and numbers. >>> a new poll from the kaiser foundation is showing a shift in people's views of obama care. 55% say they understand the law's impact on their family and that is up 8% from a month ago but they also say the federal government has done a poor job in implements the law. voters in san francisco has a debate over the waterfront. they are casting ballots on prop e and prop c. if it passes a luxury condo complex has been built on some of the prime real estate in the bay area. tonight at 11:00, we will look at how the vote touched o
to get our web site right in massachusetts. >> the governor, patrick, the state had what is called romney care since 2006. >> it has not broken the budget. more businesses offer insurance to their employees than ever before. the benefits take effect on january 1st. and right now that deadline is still march 31st. in the news room, kpix5. >> the cover california web site is separate from the federal web site and it has a number to call with questions. for details go to kpix.com and click on links and numbers. >>> twitter is set to go public this week. it faces skeptics ahead of the wall street debut. a new associated press cnbc poll shows 36% believe buying the stock is a good investment. a similar poll was done last year before the facebook's ipo. 51% considered the social network giant a good investment. >>> the b.a.r.t board of directors of need to vote on the contract approved to finalize the deal. one member of the board is not happy about it. the deal includes a 59% pay raise over four years. for the first time workers must pay into their pensions and their monthly health care contri
is creating tension in a tight-knit massachusetts town. someone painted racial slurs, including the "n" word on the home of a lunenberg high family. the family supports the decision. the community is outraged. >> it makes us assume that we are guilty. >> eventually the truth's going to come out. we will find out who did this, but as far as the thanksgiving game, let's not break tradition. let's play. >> the deciding factor came after officials learned leunenburg players yelled racial slurs at a visiting team earlier in the season. local police and the fbi are investigating the graffiti. >>> the cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport has finally taken off. it touched off about an hour ago. the plane was supposed to carry parts for boeing's oversized 787 dreamliner to mcconnell air force bay in kansas. audio from the cockpit reveals that mcconnell gave the pilot clearance to land, but instead, the plane touched down at a small airport eight miles away late last night. there was one problem. the runway was too short for the giant plane to take off while loaded. >>> a developing story now
hebrew and published in 1640. it was done by the puritans out of the massachusetts bay, colony. one of the remaining copies will be auctioned by soth by's in new york. and the estimated value 15 to $30 million. >> if they only knew back then what they were making. >> right. >>> tony and stephie are cooking up turkey, bolognese. >> i love the smell of basil. >> i thought you were eating. >> i could try a little piece of fresh basil once in a while. it is good for you. gives you clean breath, i hear. >> and it does. >> and we browned the turkey a little bit. sauteed it with white onions. >> once it was brown, we put in the tomato paste. the tomato paste covers everything and then add the sauce and then 5-10 minutes, it comes together and it reduces down. >> we will add some cheese here. >> when you add cheese, a little bit of pasta water because the cheese will take out any moisture. >> nice and spicy with a lot of red pepper. >> go ahead. >> is that all right? >> perfect. >> regular pepper and a touch of oregano. >> put that on top. and this is what we meant with the color. isn't tha
, and massachusetts. they say it is illegal to shop on thanksgiving and christmas. sharon chin, kpix5. >>> well stores certainly have been opening earlier an earlier, but in some places, the thanksgiving day hours did not bring the big crowds right away. this old navy in dublin was pretty empty this morning, but thousands of people will be at wal-mart not to shop, but protest tomorrow. 1500 protests are scheduled across the country. they are organized by a group called our wal-mart. made up of associated demanding better wages and dignity on the job. they said they want an end to retaliation against workers for legally protected labor actions. >>> many people this thanksgiving are dodges crime tape around their homes. betty has the latest. >> reporter: this bloodstained banged up mini van is only part of a wild thanksgiving crime spree that crossed three neighborhoods. san jose police say an officer shot and killed the driver after he rammed into a patrol car on kirkland drive. >> the gunshots took place. bang bang bang, real fast. then there was the cash. >> the guy comes, boom. >> reporter: the car
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: counihan was involved with massachusetts' health insurance rollout in 2006. scott, he says that taught him people don't buy insurance like they do a book or a car. they typically look at the options an average of 18 times before making up their minds. >> pelley: don, thanks very much. today, the justice department dropped its challenge to the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways after the airlines agreed to give up some of their takeoff and landing slots at a number of major airports. that will allow low-cost carriers such as jetblue and southwest to expand. if a judge approves the merger, it will create the largest airline in the world. inspectors are finding hazards in a pipeline designed to stretch across america. experts have made their ruling on whether the new world trade center really is america's tallest tower. and what's wiping out the starfish in california? when the "cbs evening news" continues. >> >> pelley: we've found evidence of construction problems on the most controversial pipeline in a generation. the keystone x.l. is designed to bring crude oil from canada to re
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. >>> the massachusetts high school student accused of killing his math teamer has been indicted. prosecutors charged 14-year-old philip chism with murder, aggravated rape, and armed robbery. they say he sexually assaulted and killed the teacher, stole her credit cards, underwear, and phone. he had previously pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >>> kennedy cousin michael skakel wakes up a free man for the first time in 11 years. he faces a possible retrial in the 1975 murder of his neighbor martha moxley. last month a judge ruled that skakel was not properly represented in his original trial. prosecutors are appealing. >>> and overseas, a man and a woman who were arrested on charges who held three women as virtual slaves for decades are free on bail. the women were rescued from a house in london and are said to be doing remarkably well under the circumstances. mark phillips reports. >> reporter: police said they moved in on a house in a neighborhood in london after they discovered a tip that three women had been held there against their will for 30 years. a woman's protection charity had arranged for
that were mixed at a massachusetts pharmacy. new england compounding center. jim axelrod is here to get us up to date on the case. jim? >> reporter: we learned today that the federal investigation into n.e.c.c. is at a crile cal phase and a source says charges could be filed soon after the first of next year. that would be welcome news for scott shaw in denton, north carolina, who's been making regular trips to the cemetery for 13 months now mourning his mother. >> we could take the dying, but the suffering was beyond what we could take. >> reporter: she was a vibrant 77-year-old until she took tainted steroid injections compounded by n.e.c.c. for a bulging disk in her back and contracted fungal meningitis. she died a cruel death, plagued by crippling headaches and excruciating sensitivity to light. >> it was literally a war going on within her body. she had a fungus that was growing that was taking her over and the most powerful drugs we had trying to hold it back. >> reporter: shaw was one of 64 people to die from contaminated drugs compounded by n.e.c.c. 687 others were sickened. one ye
massachusetts. boston logan will have difficulty with flights. just because of the wind plus the rain that will be coming down. as we head toward the evening, finally this starts to shift offshore. it should be all gone as we head into the overnight. just snow showers left in the mountains of northern new england. for snow totals, up to a foot possible western new york. i think especially from rochester toward buffalo, just west of the finger lakes. that should be the bull's-eye. there are winter storm warnings up. treacherous travel and power outages. that streak of snow will head up into northwestern parts of have the vermont and towards pittsburgh. not just the storm but the lake effect that kicks in afterwards. airports to watch this day, we're looking at buffalo, new york, with the snow. boston with the rain and the wind. new york also watching the rain. and hartford, connecticut, upper 50s. heavy downpours rolling through as we head through the course of the day. thanksgiving itself, just cold. winter returns. gusty winds for the thanksgiving day parade in new york. i'm meteorol
the burlington coat factory. costco, tj maxx, and ross. >> there are laws in rhode island and massachusetts that have laws that say it is illegal to shop on thanksgiving and christmas. >>> shoppers will be greeted by protesters today at 1500 stores across the country including wal-marts and san leandro. >> the group is call "our wal- mart" made up of employees demanding better wages. they also want to end retaliation against workers who engage in legally protected labor action. >>> a man unhappy with the way a sale was being run at wal- mart is under arrest. authorities in new jersey say 23-year-old richard ramos raised his voice inside the store. a manager asked him to leave and he refused. that's when the manager called police and ramos attacked an officer. >> he struck him in the chest. and went to grab hum to what appeared to be like a tackle. >> he's an idiot. he shouldn't have done that. it is a tv for chrissakes. >>> another incident at a wal- mart in san bernardino county ended with two people arrested. a fight erupted just before 7:00 yesterday evening amongst shoppers who were lin
. there were plaid fridays today in vermont, massachusetts and even canada. >> black friday became protest -- >>> black friday became protest friday at wal-marts nationwide. in california more than two dozen were arrested in the protests, five at the san leandro store. activists accuse the retail of paying poverty wages. workers say they barely get more than minimum wage. the company says the average employee makes a little more than $13 an hour. >> we're trying to bring awareness to the customers and management to let them know that the pay is really low and it's hard to make a living in california. >> we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter at really any life stage from 16 to 76 if they would like to and then they work hard and they can build a career. >> it's estimated protests took place at 1,500 wal-mart stores nationwide. >>> even santa claus took part in one of the protests and he is one of those led away in handcuffs. the protests are part of a group that took over an intersection outside a southern california wal-mart. wal-mart emp
thing there's a genius about him. >> this is senator john f. kennedy of massachusetts. >> he can generalize from what he's watching and he knows that he's great on television. he knows there's a new force coming in politics in america and it's television. >> i accept the nomination of the democratic party. >> reporter: kennedy rolls over lyndon johnson and other more seasoned senators to become the democratic nominee. >> we disagree very fundamentally on the position of the united states. >> reporter: he then outshines vice president richard nixon, the republican candidate, in the first ever televised presidential debate. >> that's the argument between mr. nixon and myself and on that issue american supreme to make their judgment. >> reporter: and despite his youth, inexperience and catholic background, john f. kennedy wins the white house. >> so help me god. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: and delivers an inaugural address that still resounds. >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. (cheers and applause)
it for a year or two. in the state of massachusetts, it took several years to get most the people enrolled. we may be on a similar track. >> that would be some pretty heavy lifting for washington if it takes several years. you're talking about an entire nation. >> right. it's something that a think we will be hearing about quite a bit in the future. >> exemptions. who got exempt from this first year, and are they going to extend them? >> well, the employer mandate was what was exempted for the first year. that was the big news. i don't know what plans are for 2015. i would expect that the insurance companies want to see them and they will proceed to move them in. >> final question. optimistic about it, pessimistic, concerned? >> i think 20 years from now we will look back on this year and laugh. you know, medicaid, medicare, all of these programs have rocky starts the first year, but a couple years and i think it's just part of the scenery. >> we will be seeing as they go down the road on the obamacare highway. thank you so much. back to you. >> twitter trading got off to a good start last wee
because o >>> 5 things to know at the :55 now. the football season over for a massachusetts high school team after a player was allegedly harassed because of his race. the boy's parents claim he has been the victim of several incidents of hazing. the teen's mother is white and father black. >>> congressman trey radel apologized last night and announced he will take a leave of absence to get treatment following an arrest for coke possession. the florida republican pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to a year probation. >>> a plane supposed to carry parts for boeing's 787 dreamliner to kansas accidentsly landed at a small ever airport nine miles away and it might be there for a whale because the runway is too short for the plane to take off while it's loaded with cargo. >>> talks under way in switzerland between six world powers and iran over its nuclear program. the u.s. and its allies are seeking to limit iran's ability to enrich uranium. iran wants relief from economic sanctions. both sides believe a deal is possible. >>> the u.s. reached an agreement with afghani
in rhode island, maine and massachusetts. that is because they can't! blue laws as they're called prohibit department stores from opening on thanksgiving or other major holidays in those states! some retailers have backed legislation to change those laws but so far, those effort have failed. >>> new this morning, two men have major injuries after this crash up in santa rosa. it happened after police tried to stop the car for a traffic violation. they say the driver got up to about 100 miles an hour on steele lane before missing the turn on to marlowe road. it took out a pole, fence and as you can see part of the house there, as well. >>> also new this morning a car goes over the side of an embankment on 92 in san mateo. four people had to be rescued, one had a broken leg, the vehicle fell about 600 feet. one person actually had to be pulled up in that rescue basket there. highway 92 and 35 closed in both directions for a couple of hours but now back open. >>> millions of people lining the streets in new york city right now to catch a glimpse of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you're ta
, massachusetts, in maine, they have what's called blue laws which ban large supermarkets big box stores and department stores from opening on thanksgiving day. some retailers have been trying to get those laws changed but a lot of retail workers and traditionalists up in the northeast are pleased. >>> happening today glide memorial in san francisco is getting ready to serve thousands a full thanksgiving dinner. our ryan takeo is there as the final preps are happening this morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. they plan to feed 5,000 people at glide memorial today. several hundred hands will be used to prep for today. this will be a carving station. we are in th prep kitchen. you see the vegetables on the table over there. volunteers will be here in an hour. i'm going to show you some video from last night. we were here last night. there were about 50 volunteers that were prepping for today's meal. later on 500 volunteers are going to be here today. glide leaders say there is always a waiting list of volunteers on thanksgiving day. here's the thing. if you have not sign
because of safety and privacy concerns. this week massachusetts senator ed markey introduced a bill calling for drone regulations. >> we need to ensure that these drones take off with ply vasrivacy protection attached to them. >> in a way that allows drones to spy on families in their backward s backyards, then that's not right. >> reporter: the faa says it will select six sites in the u.s. to test drone safety. there will be safety standards for drone designs and pilots will need to be certified, but in a statement the agency said the faa's mission does not extend to regulating privacy. the concern is that almost anyone with a few hundred bucks can make a drone. >> the delta wing. >> reporter: when we profiled camera company go-pro they attached one of their $200 mini cameras to a remote control plane. it basically became a drone recording crystal clear hd video. the faa estimates that within five years, 7500 commercial drones will be whizzing through the sky. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> the food and drug administration says artif
never been seen in public. >> reporter: the store front on main street in amesbury massachusetts, is modest. but inside the auction house they've collected some extraordinary pieces of kennedy memorabilia. here's the president's cape cod rocking chair. it's one of more than a dozen he used. some have sold for more than 400,000. tell me what these are. >> these are '50s presidential bill-signing pens that were used by president kennedy and after he passed lyndon johnson. >> reporter: pens says dan meter, that signed some of the most notable bills of the 20th century. the civil rights act, food stamp act. >> yes. take a look at this one. >> reporter: expanded space program, man on the moon. you've sold before a single pen that signed the cuban missile crisis legislation for how much? >> yes. $28,000. >> reporter: and this is 50. >> this is 50 pens. >> reporter: a complete set of the warren commission report on the kennedy assassination presented to former cia chief alan dulles and signed by dulles and all his fellow commission members. and this autographed picture
hamilton massachusetts, some amateur filmmakers are hoping to change their lives. >> a little bit lighter shot to show the three war cars going down. >> reporter: these aren't steven spielberg wannabes they're military veterans and the filmmaking is post traumatic stress therapy. >> i've ot to mental health and counseling and small group therapy still with the embarrassment of having ptsd. >> jeff saren suffered from ptsd. he was almost killed. >> something like this you're an actor or an actress and you don't have to be yourself. it was natural way to express myself without having to feel like i was violated my own privacy. >> reporter: the program is called the "i was there" workshop. week-long lessons that cull nate in a short film. they conceive, write, shoot, and edit the piece all while collaborateing with fellow ptsd suffers. >> out of nowhere a rocket-propelled grenade hit the helicopter. >> he served in vietnam. >> the things that have been coming up in my mind that i haven't thought about in over 40 years, it's -- yeah it's sort of scraping t
it easier for businesses to offer coverage just like it did in massachusetts when employer coverage increased after reform passed. charlie and norah? >> sharyl, thank you. >>> pope francis welcomed russian president vladimir putin. their meeting monday steered clear of one of the most heated issues between the vatican and russia. they didn't mention the strain between the roman catholic church and the russian orthodox church. they did discuss the civil war in syria. the vatican called if the meeting cordial but putin did not invite the pope to visit russia. rning's headlines. the miami herald looks at a secret perform by the cia to turn prisoners at guantanamo bay into secret agents. prisoners were sent home to help the united states kill terrorists. it was carried not a secret facility a few hundred yards from the administrative offices. it was known as penny lane. >>> fascinating "the wall street journal" said wall mark named douglas mcmillan as its next ceo. at 47 he will be the youngest executive since sam walton to lead the retail giant. mcmillan has spent almost all of his pro
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